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Open Office Noise Solution

Telebooth is equipped with crystal hollow soundproof glass, which can isolate 90% of the noise. The interior is made of flame-retardant, high-density Burgeree sound-absorbing panels, and the floor is covered with anti-static, dirt-resistant, and low-loop pile Milliken carpet tiles. Telebooth carefully considers it for you, and provide sustainable and tailor-made security guarantee that gives you long-term peace of mind.


will bring renew vitality to the office

An open-plan workspace supplemented withon-demand private spaces will be the mainstream trend in the future Telebooth provide private spaces that employees can use based on their needs, which can effectively inspire creativity and improve work efficiency.

Open Office Noise Solution

Research conducted by international authorities has found that more than 50% of office workers worldwide find it challenging to focus on work in an open office space. Over half of them report that ongoing interruptions, footsteps, and noise can decrease work efficiency and even lead to unhappiness.


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soundproof solution for open workspace

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