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Personal Workstation TB-W

The TB-W offers a private space,carving out a secluded workspace in open environments,shielding you from external distractions while working or relaxing.With its sleek design and multiple color options,TB-W-2 is an ideal choice for workplace or public area use.

Size and color

Overall size: W1200mm*H2280mm*D1300mm

The internal structure: Precision steel section

Application scenario

Personal workstation, video live streaming room

Design features

The product features a sleek and simple appearance inspired by the transverse shape of a mobile phone.Its design exudes a strong sense of technology and modernity, making it a perfect fit for contemporary office settings.

Configuration parameter

Main materials

External act the role of material: Colour coated steel plate/Laminated soundproof glass

Interior wall filling: Polyurethane sound insulation material

Interior materials: Automotive grade sound-absorbing felt/sound-absorbing carpets 

Door leaf material: Double laminated crystal glass door

Close the door way: Automatically shut down(Hidden door closers)

The lights on: Photoelectric induction opening

The ventilation system: Radar induction on

Supporting requirements

Furniture configuration: Adjustable high stools/Solid wood stage desk

The power supply voltage: 100v-230v/With usb socket

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