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Telebooth’s products feature environmentally-friendly flame-retardant sound-absorbing cotton and high-density flame-retardant sound-absorbing panels from Baijiali. With exceptional sound insulation performance of approximately 35 decibels.


Environmentally Friendly and Healthy

The interior of the Telebooth phone booth is furnished with recyclable acoustic foam and acoustic felt, while the flooring is made of anti-static and stain-resistant low-pile carpet. The LED lighting and electric air circulation system operate automatically, ensuring optimal air flow and increasing breathability and comfort inside the booth.



Telebooth phone booths have a delicate appearance and can be customized with colors based on the RAL international standard color card. They are also equipped with movable wheels for flexible movement.


Details come from focus and professionalism

We focus on the details and use professional methods to create exquisite and private office spaces. Everything you can feel comes from Telebooth’s pursuit of a peaceful space and understanding of future office trends.


telebooth creates a quiet space for you

we have designed good soundproof phone booths

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